Services Offered and Gift Economy (Dana)

Holistic healing treatments are available at the Ling Qi Center on a Gift Economy basis. That means there is NO CHARGE for treatments of any condition of pain or disease.

Sessions include a consultation and assessment based on Traditional Chinese Medicine and Yogic Medicine Principles. Modalities may include Medical Qigong, TCM Dietary counseling, Tonic Herbalism, Orthopedic bodywork, and Yoga or Qigong instruction. Recipients will work out frequency and duration of treatment based on their own individual case.

Well clients who are not recovering from pain or illness are encouraged to book a health-promoting bodywork treatment at my sliding scale rate!

Medical qigong and yogic medicine are not intended to replace standard medical care, or diagnose or treat disease or prescribe medicines or supplements. Please check with your physician before beginning any healing arts regimen

Please contact Rev. Fa Jun at