Ling Qi Dao Qigong Certification Courses

The Ling Qi Dao curriculum is drawn from many systems of internal energy cultivation from ancient and modern China. These systems include Daoist and Buddhist methods from the medical, martial, and spiritual schools combined with the goal of giving students the most well-rounded education possible.

The Ling Qi Dao system is unique in that endeavors to give the student “Qigong Eyes” – an understanding of how the ancient systems have been developed and applied, so that they can make informed judgements about how to practice any style of energy cultivation. This is done through creating a deep understanding of the principles and theories on which practice are based, as well as being guided through a series of meditations in the correct order to awaken experiential understanding within oneself.

Each course requires one year to complete and includes, reading, self-reflection, Qigong exercise, meditation, clinical treatments, reading, and teaching assignments.

Level I – Qigong Instructor 200 Hour Certification

The first level of training focuses on creating a foundational understanding of all the principal theories behind the practice of Qigong exercise and energetic healing. Upon completion of this training, students will be empowered to teach Qigong exercise classes privately, or in yoga schools, martial art schools, or other environments. Additionally, students will receive training in the theory of Chinese medicine and the practice of energetic healing, enabling them to perform treatments on clients professionally, as well as helping family, friends, and students with health concerns. Above all, students of this course will gain deep insight and knowledge into the structure and function of their own energy bodies. They will develop tools to create a life of ever greater happiness, balance, and health through Qigong.

Level I Curriculum

Qigong Healing I & II
Traditional Chinese Medicine and Five Element Qigong
Qigong Acupressure I & II
Qigong Healing Movement and Exercise Prescriptions
Chinese Medical Diagnosis and High Sense Perception
Daoist Inner Alchemy
Anatomy and Physiology
Clinical Internship and Externship
Teacher Training Intensive

This course can be taken through distance education via video and assignment submission. Videos are available for everyone to audit, and can be taken for credit for only $108 per month. This fee includes one email consultation and homework grading each month, and one private lesson/evaluation – either in person, or via Skype.

Find video links and homework assignments here:

Level II – Qigong Therapist 350 Hour Certification

The Level II Qigong Therapist course advances the student into the realm of true healing through energetic medicine. Building on the foundations created in year one, the student is now introduced to advanced theories of Chinese medicine, more powerful qigong exercises, and secret and highly effective internal alchemy meditations. Completing this training allows one to become a master of creating personal health and peace of mind, as well as enhancing one’s skill-set in the realm of medical qigong. This course provides you all you need to know to develop a satisfying path of serving others through healing work and teaching.

Level II Curriculum

-Qigong I Certification
-Qigong Healing II & IV
-Advanced Chinese Energy Medicine I & II – Pathology and Treatment of the Organ systems
-Daoist Inner Alchemy II
-Qigong Healing Movement II
-Opening the 7 Chakras
-Tai Chi Qigong
-Western Pathology
-Teacher Training Intesive

About the instructor

Rev. Fa Jun Christopher Real has been practicing Qigong since 1993. His main teacher is Sifu Steven Baugh of the Lohan School of Shaolin, who initiated him into the Lohan Priesthood training in Complete Reality Daoism, Cha’an Buddhism, and Vajrayana Buddhism. Rev. Fa Jun is certified as a Qigong, Taijiquan, and Shaolin Kung Fu instructor through the Lohan School, and is also recognized as a Master of Medical Qigong by the International Institute of Medical Qigong as well as Associate Instructor through the Healing Tao International. Rev. Fa Jun has been a practitioner of Chinese Energetic Medicine since 2000, specializing in Tui Na, Shiatsu, and Medical Qigong. He has helped hundreds of clients in that time to regain or optimize their health through ancient yogic wisdom.